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The Pump Tech Fuel Pod is a free standing robust pvc cabinet  with double locking door housing all the component parts of fuel pumps, meters, hoses , nozzles  and integrated fuel management systems. Each pod comes with all the pumping equipment and fuel management systems fully installed and tested so all the customer has to do is plug it in and fill the tank with fuel.

Pods are available with 50 Lmin, 70 Lmin or 90 Lmin pumps as standard but can be supplied with bigger flow rates if required ( up to 200 Lmin ). Pods come as stand alone units to connect to customers existing tanks or can be supplied with 6,000 Ltr bunded tank attached if required. All units have 5 micron water and sediment filters with glass bowl and drain plugs. Pods are supplied with 10M 1” hose reels. Pods with integrated fuel management systems are supplied with 10 user fobs, USB Stick, PC software and training included in price. Fuelling data is transferred to PC software by using USB stick provided or by LAN, WIFI and GPRS at an additional cost.

Cloud-Based Fuel management systems are now available with reports and real-time fuel levels available on smartphone, tablet or any PC with broadband and/or Wi-Fi by using a dedicated email address and password.  

Software Features: 

  • System can control up to 2000 users.
  • Stores up to 10,000 transactions.
  • Can Assign Vehicle Tags and Driver Codes.
  • Can interface to tank level probe for stock levels
  • Lock and Unlock tags
  • Odometer Entry Option plus Odometer Distance Option. 
  • Preset amount in Litres for each vehicle Option. 

PC Software Reports:

  • Miles per Gallon or Litres per Km.
  • Fuel used per Vehicle.
  • Fuel used per Driver.
  • Vehicle groups or Departments.
  • Transaction Totals.
  • Individual Vehicles by Date.
  • Individual Drivers by Date.

PC Advanced Software Reports:

  • Tank stocks with visual of tanks
  • Delivery inputs with litres and price
  • Cost per vehicle (per Mile, per Km, per Hour)
  • Offsite purchase inputs
  • Rebate compilation showing km start, km finish, km total and offsite litres
  • Report can be exported to Excel to copy and paste to Revenue template

Sample Reports for Download:

- Summary Vehicle Fuel Report

- Detailed Vehicle Fuel Consumption Report (i)

- Detailed Vehicle Fuel Consumption Report (ii)

- Detailed Vehicle Fuel Consumption Report (iii)


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